Baby Feet Necklace In 10K White Gold

Baby Feet Necklace In 10K White Gold from MYKA
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Baby Feet Necklace In 10K White Gold

Manufacturer: MYKA

Baby Feet Necklace In 10K White Gold

Help her keep thoughts of her little one close with our Baby Feet Necklace in 10K White Gold. Perfect for new moms and those with more experience as well, this adorable piece features your choice of one to five baby foot charms, each engraved with a child’s name and adorned with a colorful birthstone to match. Like other white gold jewelry, this popular piece pairs perfectly with her favorite outfits so it’s easy to wear on an everyday basis. She’ll love to show it off! This meaningful necklace is made with 10K gold, and comes complete with a matching 10K gold bead chain to keep all the charms together. Like so many other favorites from our mother necklace collection, this meaningful necklace is also available in your choice of sterling silver, 18K gold plating, 18K rose gold plating or 10K solid gold.
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