Xbox Live Card - 25 USD

Xbox Live Card - 25 USD from MMOGA Ltd. US
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Xbox Live Card - 25 USD

Manufacturer: Microsoft

Xbox Live Card - 25 USD

Xbox Live Card - 25 USD Buy Xbox Live Card 25 USD now! You will receive your Xbox Live Card Code worth 25 $ (US Dollar) within a few minutes by eMail. Redeem the code on your Xbox console or online in your account here. Note: In order to be able to redeem your Xbox Live Card Code worth 25 USD, you require a US account and an American IP (redeeming via VPN is possible). Product description Use the Xbox Live Gift Cards to recharge your credit balance as an Xbox Live member, enabling you to shop the contents offered in the Xbox Live Store. Among other things, you can find Xbox Live Arcade Games, bonus content for Xbox 360 and Xbox One games, Avatar extras or Season Passes there. You also need a sufficient credit balance to rent or purchase movies in HD or TV series, changing your Xbox Live Gamertag, and more. (Information: Points cards may also still be redeemed. The balance is then credited to the customer in USD.) Features Everytime, everywhere: Gift Cards can be used on all kinds of devices - no matter if you are using a smartphone, tablet, PC or Xbox consoleApps in Windows 8 and Windows Phone 8 Store: You can not only use Xbox Gift Cards to purchase contents in the Xbox Store but also in the Windows 8 Store (Windows 8.1 required) and in the Windows Phone 8 Store, especially a large variety of appsXbox Games: Play online with friends, download new games and addons, and receive exclusive discounts each week for Arcade Games or Games on DemandXbox Music: More than 30 million songs to discover, stream, download and collect - on your TV, smartphone, tablet or PCXbox Video: Rent or purchase the latest TV series and movies in HD on your tablet, PC or TV - no problem with Xbox Video. Enjoy contents in HD, wherever you are

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