Cooper Discoverer STT Pro 295/65R20 E (10 Ply) Mud Terrain Tire

Cooper Discoverer STT Pro LT295 /65 R20 129Q E1 BSW from Discount Tire
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Cooper Discoverer STT Pro 295/65R20 E (10 Ply) Mud Terrain Tire

Cooper Discoverer STT Pro 295/65R20 E (10 Ply) Mud Terrain Tire

Cooper Discoverer STT Pro. FEATURES AND BENEFITS: Off road traction All weather traction Self-cleaning tread Damage resistance Longer tread life Comfortable drive . OVERVIEW: The Cooper Discoverer STT Pro is an off road all season tire made for light truck vehicles.This tire is capable of handling all loose, soft or uneven road surfaces thanks to its specially designed tread pattern. The tread pattern features alternating shoulder lugs that enhance the mud and soft surface traction and mud release dimples that keep the tread clean for maintained traction. The self-cleaning tread design improves the mud, gravel, dirt and rock traction. The same tread also features anti-stone retention, raised rubber ribs and angled groove walls that eject stones and gravel from the tread. These features allow the tire to conquer all difficult off-road conditions. The tire is perfect for drivers looking for versatility, as it performs excellently both on- and off-road. It has great off-road traction, while offering a comfortable drive on road.The same tread pattern, along with the silica-based tire compound, also ensures all weather traction. The tread grips the road well in all weather conditions, including wet, dry and light winter weather. The self-cleaning aspect of the tire maintains its traction at all times by cleaning out mud and loose dirt from between the tread grooves thanks to the alternating shoulder lugs. The wide tread grooves also enhance the tires hydroplaning resistance in deep water by dispersing said water from beneath the tire footprint. This makes the tire safe to use in all weather and on all terrain conditions as it keeps its road contact and superb road grip.The tire was manufactured using the Armor-TEK3 Construction which protects the tire from accidental damages. It makes the tire resistant to punctures and tears and it prevents impact damage by adding the Armor-Tek3 to the internal structure of the tire. This internal structure also increases the stability of the tire and makes it easier to control. As the tire is resistant to damages it is usable for a longer period of time. The tread patterns micro-gauge siping detail also increases the tire life by preventing irregular wear across the tread. The driving force is equally distributed along the tire and it forces the tread to wear out evenly. This extends the tread life of the tire.During on road driving, Discoverer STT Pro offers a quiet and comfortable drive. The tread pattern lowers the road noise heard in the cabin of the vehicle, while the Flex Groove Technology reduces the road vibrations. The tread cancels out the road and pattern noise made while the tires are in motion. The Flex Groove Technology softens the impact generated by the inconsistent terrain, which offers more flexibility and a smoother ride. This makes the ride more enjoyable.The intended purpose of Mud Terrain tire types is off-road use. They are not designed for regular highway driving.

Cooper Discoverer STT Pro LT295 /65 R20 129Q E1 BSW


Are you searching for a great way to amp up the excitement in your off-road antics? Consider outfitting your light truck or SUV with a set of rugged Cooper Discoverer STT Pro mud terrain tires.

Cooper Discoverer STT Pro Features

Designed to enhance the performance of any off-roading vehicle, the Cooper STT Pro is a Mud and Snow (M+S) rated tire with the aggressive performance you need to take on the toughest trails. If you're the type of driver looking for any opportunity to venture off the beaten path, the Discoverer STT Pro is a maximum traction tire that will help you take on whatever your adventure throws at you.

Cooper knows few things can put a stop to an off-road adventure like tire damage. That's why Cooper engineered STT Pro tires for unprecedented toughness using their proprietary Armor-Tek3 technology.

So what is Armor-Tek 3 technology?

Unlike standard 3-ply constructed tires, where the plies are built running at the same angle, the Cooper Discoverer STT Pro is engineered with a third ply running at a slightly different angle. This simple change reduces the number of weak points in the tire's sidewall.

What does that mean for you? More tear and puncture resistance so you can go off-road with absolute confidence.

Other performance features of the Cooper STT Pro include:

- An aggressive high void tread pattern that works to clean mud and debris from its contact patch for maximum traction.

- Mud release dimples that assist in clearing mud and sand from the tread pattern for increased traction.

- Durability and resistance to stone-drilling via anti-stone retention ribs.

- For grip in soft terrain like mud and sand, they feature alternating

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