Authentic Mad Hatter Costume for Men

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Authentic Mad Hatter Costume for Men

Men's Authentic Mad Hatter Costume

"Have I gone mad? I'm afraid so. You're entirely bonkers. But I'll tell you a secret. All the best people are." The Mad Hatter wasn’t far off when he said that all of the best people are a little mad – even if they don’t show it off all of the time.

The Mad Hatter was always obsessed with time – that’s why he and the March Hare and the White Rabbit were always talking about being late and then shifting around their table as they drank tea. Some say it’s because the Queen of Hearts banished him from the kingdom, others attribute it to his madness (on account of the Mercury involved in his hat-making endeavors). No matter the reason he was mad and time-obsessed, the Mad Hatter made a special place for himself in the life of Alice and all those who knew him.

Now you can be among the best people that are completely nuts when you wear this exclusive Men's Authentic Mad Hatter Costume! Team up with Alice and help her defeat the red queen! She could use your wackiness on her side! This costume comes with everything you need for an authentic look, including a burgundy jacket with faux fur and lace trimmed sleeve cuffs. The pink button-down shirt and attached pink scarf add color to the costume, while the black vest and bowtie give it a touch of class. Don’t forget to get the Mad Hatter’s Hat and fiery red wig for a complete look this Halloween.

Authentic Mad Hatter Costume for Men


Alice said it best when she said all the best people are completely mad! So while we are thrilled that you are interested in this Authentic Mad Hatter Men's Costume, we feel like we have to ask... Are you sure that you're mad enough? Are you sure that you are truly so bonkers that you could pull off this wild costume without losing your mind? (Of course, if you lost your mind because you played the mad hatter, that might be the most convincing madness of all.) To help you evaluate whether or not you have what it takes, we have just a couple questions for you.

1) Do you ever, or would you ever have a tea party with a time sensitive rabbit?

2) Would you feel comfortable talking to a floating cat?

3) Do you love hats?

If you answered yes to all three questions above, congratulations! We believe that you have what it takes.


This costume is perfect for even the craziest of us! The faux linen jack has a full lining, and the sleeve cuffs have lace, faux fur trim, and decorative buttons. The brocade vest has front buttons and ribbon waist ties that connect behind your back. The pink undershirt matches your red jacket beautifully, and the plaid fingerless gloves are an excellent touch. Even better yet, You're big floppy bowtie will hang around your neck like a testament to your insanity. All you will need is a hat, wig, and bandolier and you will have all the makings of a Mad Hatter!


You might be worried about losing your sanity while playing the Mad Hatter, and we understand why. But, if you ever find yourself worried that you might be completely bonkers, just remember; all of the best people are.
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