Men's Shipwreck Captain Costume for Adults

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Men's Shipwreck Captain Costume for Adults

Shipwreck Captain Costume for Men

Become the Shipwreck Captain

Lost your ship and got yourself stranded on a remote desert isle? No problem! Just become the Shipwreck Captain!

Wait, you say you lost your pirate gear at sea too? Well, we can't have the captain gallivanting around as a castaway without the right look, so make sure you equip yourself for an onshore adventure with this men's Shipwreck Captain costume! Having a ship and crew to attend to is so overrated, anyways...

You can ensure that your adventure will be first-class and top-notch when you secure this exclusive pirate costume. We made and designed it right here at, and as one of the top destinations for pirate costumes on the web, we're known to throw out our "yawrs" quite liberally. As in, yawr, get yerself this 'ere costume!

Design & Details

Styled as a shirt, jacket, and pants combination, this ensemble also includes a belt, hat, and sash. All the gear you'll need to complete your pirate transformation! Attention to detail and high-quality materials are what makes this style stand out above similar costumes. The faux suede jacket has patchwork style detailing, and elegant gold brocade trim. Red feather plumage adorns the hat, and altogether the costume effect paints your picture as a pirate captain who isn't really going to be shipless for all that long.

Key Accessories

Add some key accessories like an eyepatch, cutlass, and pistol—they're all sold separately but highly recommended. After all, when you find yourself hunting for buried treasure or battling to steal a sojourners' ship, you're going to want to be armed to the hilt! Shop for all yer Pirate gear right here at HalloweenCostumes, and we'll get you all set up for the adventure.

Men's Shipwreck Captain Costume for Adults

Yo ho, yo ho...

A pirate's life for you? Well, hold on a second there. Many people think that just any ol' sailor can pick up a life of piracy. Not true. If you're interested in becoming a pirate, there are a few hoops you'll have to jump through. Firstly, piracy is largely a dog-eat-dog world. You'll have to survive when everyone is only in it for themselves. This means you'll have to be resourceful. And clever. There's always going to be someone bigger or stronger, so you'll need to be smart enough to get yourself out of sticky situations. You'll need to be quick. Cunning. A splash of charisma really helps too (for when you need to make new friends or charm old enemies). You think you can manage all that?

Well good. You see, that list intimidates some, but it should! Some people just aren't cut out for a life of piracy and it's better if they know now what they're getting themselves into and what they'll have to accomplish. But you? If you're confident that you could survive well in this cutthroat world, well then, you're ready for the next step.

Fun Details

We're of course talking about the outfit. No self-respecting pirate is going to be caught dead in plain clothes, especially if you're trying to make an impression. No, you'll want something like this Adult Shipwreck Captain Costume. This costume includes a pullover shirt with a winged collar and v-cut neckline. The faux suede jacket has gold braided trim, decorative buttons, and brocade cuffs. The pants are pinstriped with elastic waist and a false fly. There is also a red sash and a faux leather belt with brass-colored buckle. A faux fur tail attaches to the belt, and the faux suede tricorn has a red feather trim and wire in the brim.

Aye, Captain!

There you have it. You have the personality, you have the skills, and now you'll have the outfit. You're practically ready to rule the seas. Only, are you taking applications for first mate? We're asking for a friend.
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