Plus Size Dark Viking Dress Women's Costume | Exclusive

Plus Size Dark Viking Dress Women's Costume | Exclusive from
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Plus Size Dark Viking Dress Women's Costume | Exclusive

Plus Size Dark Viking Dress Women's Costume | Exclusive

Are you ready to rule the night with your horde of Vikings? A night raid is a surefire way to make sure that your reiving is successful, so make sure that you are equipped to lead your warriors with this exclusive Viking dress. When you head into battle, we're sure that your brothers and sisters of the north will capture all of the spoils of war under your leadership. And that's going to make life so luxurious for you that all you'll have to do is kick back and enjoy that good Viking life!

This costume has all of the gorgeous details that we would expect to find in a Viking queen's daily wear. The elegant velvet gown features brocade trim that accents the hemline, neck, and forms an authentic looking wrap down the contrasting sleeves. Intricately detailed necklaces are included to provide a touch of royal elegance. A stunning red sash complements the deep black body of the dress, and a faux fur shawl to top it all off firmly establishes your place at the top of the Norse hierarchy.

With this stunning ensemble, you too can become a dark warrior queen of the night. Made and designed by us, this plus size costume comes in sizes 1X-3X, so you can find a fit that will let you lead your group. Just pick up this exclusive look, and be ready to lead your party on one heckuva exciting voyage!

Plus Size Women's Dark Viking Dress Costume | Exclusive

A Vast Empire

Did you know, over the course of a few hundred years, Vikings formed settlements as far reaching as Russia, the British Isles, Iceland, and even parts of Northern North America? AND did you know that Viking women had a level of agency and independence that was highly unusual for that time period? Seriously, they were allowed to divorce, own land, and there are even records of them participating in battle. We think that’s pretty cool. We also think that in this Dark Viking Dress, you can inhabit that same strong-willed female Viking power, without all the difficult seafaring that really takes it out of a person!

In this fearsome outfit, you’ll be able to lead Viking hordes to victory, conquer your business rivals, or even manage settlements into logical and organized fashions. Heck, that’s how we ended up with Dublin, Reykjavik, and other awesome world cities. There’s nothing you can’t do in this dress--so set your sights on an unconquered land (or party) and make it your own!

Fun Details

This awesome velvet dress was made for mysterious power, and secures with a back zipper and an attached faux suede waist sash. Meanwhile, brocade ribbon trim accents the neckline, hemline, and sleeves. Also included with this outfit is a faux fur shawl and braided faux leather headband, because even back then, accessories really made an outfit. To complete the look are two beaded necklaces and one which is a metal medallion on a faux leather cord. All in all, this is a classy, crafty, intimidating Viking look! Get ready to rule in this outfit.

An Important Note

Our policy is to always advocate being nice to everyone. So, if you are going to conquer, pillage, plunder, and expand your empire, we say do it nicely. Not to mention, your new subjects may be more willing to accept your rule easier if you treat them well. That's just our two cents. Now go out there and be the powerful Viking maven that you are at heart!

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