Nike 7092 Eyeglasses in Black

Nike 7092 011 Matte Black from VISUAL CLICK
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Nike 7092 Eyeglasses in Black

Nike 7092 Eyeglasses in Black

Nike 7092 Eyeglasses - Provide exceptional comfort and style at a reasonable price. Nike 7092 Eyeglasses are available online at

NIKE 7092

Lightweight rectangular Nike glasses for active lifestyles, designed with your comfort and style in mind. Action hinges allow for durability. Dual-injected temples with a modern sneaker tread pattern offer slip resistance, so glasses stay put. Stylish additions, like a debossed logo and the Nike swoosh at the temple, complete your look. All Nike glasses come with a case and cleaning cloth.

Nike 7092 011 Matte Black

Óculos Graduados Nike Nike 7092 011 Matte Black, Graduados: Sim, Largura das Lentes: 57mm, Largura: 140mm, Ponte: 14mm, Material: Inyectado, Gênero: Homem.

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