ZOOM F8N 8 Channel Multi-Track Recorder

Zoom F8n MultiTrack Field Recorder from Muziker.com
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ZOOM F8N 8 Channel Multi-Track Recorder

ZOOM F8N 8 Channel Multi-Track Recorder

When developing the F8n, it was Zoom's mission to provide every sound professional with the tools to create something exceptional. With features such as Advanced Look-Ahead Hybrid Limiters, Zoom AutoMix, and mic/line options for both XLR and TRS inputs, the F8n is the next generation of professional field recording.

Zoom F8n MultiTrack Field Recorder

Digital recorder for professional recording. Make no compromise when it comes to sound quality. With this high-end portable digital recorder, you can record 8 channels of sound simultaneously. Thanks to the ''look ahead'' hybrid function, it adds 1ms of delay to your recorded sound and prevents recording a clipping sound. Features a super-low noise floor with high gain. Using TCXO function, it creates timecode at 0.2 ppm accuracy. enabling precise syncing of audio and video. Use the USB conncector and record to your SD card and computer at the same time, allowing recording during a livestream. Dual SD slot allows you to record on two memory cards, making you an istant backup. Powered by 3 power sources, you can use 8 AA batteries, 9V battery pack or the adapter. It allows you to change power source without interrupting your recording. Dual-channel recording is available, if you want to record doubles from tracks 1-4 on to tracks 5-8. Tracks can be controlled independently. 2.4'' full-color backlit LCD with monochromatic mode.

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