Nike 4196 002 Satin Black/Black

Nike 4196 002 Satin Black/Black from Eyeconic
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Nike 4196 002 Satin Black/Black

NIKE 4196

A vintage look for the classic male, this lightweight eyeglasses selection features Flexon memory metal at the bridge and temples, for durability and a consistent fit. The sneaker-tread patterned temple design adds a touch of style while the snap-in nose pad adjusts to your comfort.

Nike 4196 002 Satin Black/Black

Óculos Graduados Nike Nike 4196 002 Satin Black/Black, Graduados: Sim, Largura das Lentes: 58mm, Largura: 145mm, Ponte: 18mm, Material: Metal, Gênero: Homem.

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