Wonder Woman Dawn of Justice Grand Heritage Costume for Women

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Wonder Woman Dawn of Justice Grand Heritage Costume for Women

Manufacturer: Trend Times Toys & Hobbies

Doj Wonder Woman Grand Heritag Costume

Women's Grand Heritage Dawn of Justice Wonder Woman Costume

Fighting super villains isn't a job for everyone! It takes the wisdom of Athena, the strength of Zeus and the grace of Aphrodite. Of course, a few cool accessories made compliments of Hephaestus never hurts either! Normal girls probably can't just give the Greek pantheon of gods a call to bestow them with some powers and equipment, but that's why you have us. With our costume know-how and your own courage and force of will, you'll be ready to transform into DC comics' greatest super-heroine of all time!This Woman's Grand Heritage Wonder Woman Costume is a high quality outfit that recreates Gal Gadot's look from Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice. With shiny metallic reds and shimmering blues each piece of this costume captures the powerful and daring Amazonian warrior-princess style. Small touches, like the attached gold belt around the waist and gold armor detailing on the bust-line that is shaped like a bird, add a fierce, yet regal look to the superhero ensemble. Of course, no Wonder Woman costume is complete without a pair of bracers as protection from projectile attacks, so don't forget to strap them on before a big battle against deadly villains. Of course, the one included with this costume may not hold up to a laser beam attack from Doomsday, so use caution while wearing them! Once you're all suited up, you'll be ready for a team up with Batman and Superman. Heck you may even be ready to start up a Justice League of your own.

Manufacturer: Rubies Costume Co. Inc

Wonder Woman Dawn of Justice Grand Heritage Costume for Women

If you want our opinion (and we know you’re just dying for it), the real crime in Batman vs. Superman: Dawn of Justice is that you didn’t get top billing. Typical, eh? The boys get themselves into an awful mess, you come and save the day (or at least Batman’s life), and your name isn’t even in the film’s title. It’s a good thing you, Diana Prince, are above all of that. But shocking everyone with your skills, weaponry, and fearless ferocity is old hat to you, right? As is saving the world, time after time. It’s a good thing you have this gritty update to your classic armor to get you through the sepia tones and massive explosions so common in today’s Superhero movie cannon. This Wonder Woman Dawn of Justice Grand Heritage Women's Costume will outfit you for greatness, whether you’re set to clash with titans or help Batman and Superman play nice with their toys. Thanks to this officially licensed and truly authentic costume, you’re ready to take on any monster (or metahuman) in style. It comes complete with a corset top (with clear straps for a secure fit), a slightly tattered skirt, and even a pair of blue boy shorts, so you can kick butt with the best of them without revealing your unmentionables. Shin guards, gauntlets, tiara, and glovettes complete your look, which is nothing short of breathtaking (and world saving). Now, if you could only get your hands on one of those magical Amazonian shields, and the number of a few Hollywood execs--to put them in their places.

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