Beautiful Bandida Costume for Women

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Beautiful Bandida Costume for Women

Beautiful Bandida Costume

If you want to be the foxiest gal at the Halloween party this year then you need a costume that screams FOXY! However, before one can become foxy, one needs to understand what it means to be a fox. These majestic creatures don’t get by with their good looks out in the wild. No, instead they survive with nothing but their stealthy and cunning nature.

Some describe them as ‘clever’, others as ‘mischievous’. The Spanish word for fox is zorro. If that word sounds familiar, don’t be surprised. There is also a heroic outlaw that went by the name Zorro. He used his intellect and calm demeanor to defeat many of his enemies, and he always looked good while doing so. Take a page out of Don Diego’s book of tricks, grab this Beautiful Bandida Costume and become the foxiest outlaw since McCulley’s fictional Hispanic hero!

Now Zorro may have been a vigilante fighting for justice, freedom, love, or whatever but that’s not who you are, and, let's not forget, it’s Halloween, a night meant for fun. So, rather than taking down bad guys, instead focus your energy on taking down bad times! Spread Halloween cheer while you run around town with this cute outfit. Use a goofy cape-flip to place smiles on the faces of all there to witness you. Draw out the laughter of good friends with some silly sword tricks… Now, we realize it may be safer to practice beforehand, however, we think that it may be a bit funnier if you just wing it.

Have the best Halloween ever when you show up to the costume party as the foxiest lady in the neighborhood. Add some mystery to other’s nights with a sassy eye-mask, and then add a dash of hilarity with some ridiculous antics. Become the new definition of foxy with this Beautiful Bandida Costume!

Beautiful Bandida Costume for Women

Wanted: Exceptional Bandit

You know, we're pretty tired of it. It seems that there's some misinformation floating around about bandits. It's all "This is what a bandit looks like," and "That's what a bandit does!" Well, we're calling balderdash. There's no way a bandit can't be both fashionable as well as an exceptional outlaw.

Just think about it: most bandits all look the same. Grubby clothes, lame masks, poor hygiene. And they all act the same too. It's all "ambush the carriage and threaten everyone!" Like we haven't seen that before. It's getting so predictable that tourists have gone out to the typical ambush spot to watch the bandits for fun. If we're being honest, the bandits are losing their touch. No one's worried about them anymore. Outlaws popping out of the bushes while you travel has become same-old, same-old. It's a little disappointing. We want better. We want bandits with flair, outlaws with panache... marauders who are cunning as a fox. Maybe you can help us out?

Fun Details

We've heard good things about you. That you're skilled with swords, whips, and all sorts of other weapons. We think this could make you the coolest outlaw in a long time. But do us a favor? Stun your targets with killer fashion and not just your fabulous weapon skills. You could wear something like this Beautiful Bandida Costume. This dress has a satin skirt with black and gold lace, cut shorter in the front (which excellent for mobility). The bodice is a lush black velvet with boning, brocade, and a zipper in back. It even comes with a sleek little eye-mask and black cavalier hat embellished with gold! Don't even get us started on the glorious gold-lined capelet and suave black gloves. Wear something like this and you'll set yourself apart as the most marvelous outlaw out there for sure.

A Cut Above the Rest

If you arrive on the scene as a deadly bandit with looks to kill, well we're pretty sure you'll single-handedly revive the job of "bandit." Outlaws will be cool again and they'll all owe it to you. You'll become a legend. A mysterious marauder of the night. Your name will be whispered throughout the world in awe and terror. We know; you're so cool.
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