Costumes For All Occasions IC1084SM Corpse Countess Sm 4-6

Ghostly Corpse Countess Costume from
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Costumes For All Occasions IC1084SM Corpse Countess Sm 4-6

Manufacturer: Costumes For All Occasions

Costumes For All Occasions IC1084SM Corpse Countess Sm 4-6

Full length gown with tattered lace and brocade fabrics and full stretched petticoat.
Box Dimensions (in Inches)
Length : 36.00
Width : 24.00
Height : 6.00

Ghostly Corpse Countess Costume


When you dress up in this corpse countess costume, we can guarantee you'll be the most elegant ghost at the ball. You'll show up all of those other snooty barons and baronesses, maybe even the queen herself. You'll be the ghost that all the good sirs are dying to dance with. Oops, poor choice of words. Correction: You'd be the ghost that all of the good sirs DIED to dance with.

See, it's fun parties like the one you'll be attending that make being dead not so bad! Sure, you can't eat food, but now you don't have to count your carbs. There are pros and cons to being a ghost, you just need to look on the bright side of things. No, we're not saying that you should go into the light, we are just saying to keep you ghostly pale chin up.


You'll be dressed in the finest gown of your time, though now, in it's current state, it has admittedly seen better days. That being said, it still shows signs of elegance and grandeur. Besides, the torn, jagged edges of the dress really don't look all too shabby with the style of the dress. We think that, if you were still alive, wearing this dress around might actually set some trends! Who knows, maybe someone will see your ghost, and you'll be responsible for the next big fad in the royal court?


When it comes to impressing the other ghosts, a grand entrance is essential. So we recommend that you practice walking down your stairs at home first before you attempt it at the grand ball. A trip down the stairs in front of all the other ghosts would be so embarrassing. You would never live it down! Sorry, poor word choice. You'd never die it down.
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