Meinl Byzance Foundry Reserve Light Ride Cymbal 20 in.

Meinl Byzance 20'' Foundry Reserve Light Ride from Music & Arts
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Meinl Byzance Foundry Reserve Light Ride Cymbal 20 in.

Meinl Byzance Foundry Reserve Light Ride Cymbal 20 in.

The Byzance Foundry Reserve Light rides are very versatile cymbals featuring a dry stick-attack note followed by a complex character carried along in a dark wash. Starting with the extensive hand-hammering, the cymbalsmith forms the low fundamental pitch and builds up to a rich character. The fully lathed surface gives the stick definition a bright attack followed by a lush wash of undertones. They provide enough body for a strong stick definition to drive a band, but are thin enough to open for thunderous crashes too. The light rides respond easily to mallets too. Large, thin and lightweight ride
Hand-hammered, fully lathed surface delivers dark, dry attack
Medium sized, well-defined bell
Crashable with a excellent blend of stick definition
Decidedly traditional, complex tone that works for modern players
Crafted from B20 bronze
Includes collector’s box, letter, cymbal gloves, and sticks
Made in Turkey

Meinl Byzance 20'' Foundry Reserve Light Ride

Ride cymbal from Byzance Foundry Reserve series. Byzance Foundry Reserve collection is a limited selection of cymbals that showcases the stunning, sonically rich works of art that our cymbalsmiths create with layers of tonality and nuance; however, that is only half of the beauty, as they are visually striking from the one-of-a-kind hand-hammered marks. The extra hammering creates many deep craters across the surface. When this hammering is coupled with the fully lathed top and bottom, it produces a clear, dry stick-attack note over a lush bed of low undertones – otherwise known as “the roar.” Finish: Traditional

Diameter: 20"

Set Content: Cymbal Alone

Thickness: Thin

Type: Ride

Made in: Turkey

Alloy: B20

Series: Byzance

Diameter (inch): 20.0

Variant: Ride

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