Eventide TimeFactor Twin Delay Guitar Effects Pedal Standard

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Eventide TimeFactor Twin Delay Guitar Effects Pedal Standard

Eventide Timefactor Twin Delay Effect Pedal

TimeFactor includes Eventide's 10 best delay effects from the past 35 years without compromising quality or flexibility. The wide array of delays available makes the TimeFactor one of the finest delay pedals you can put into your signal chain.

Eventide TimeFactor Twin Delay Guitar Effects Pedal Standard

The Eventide TimeFactor Twin Delay Pedal serves up studio-quality sound, and 10 Stereo or Dual Mono Delay effects. Included are Digital Delay, Band Delay, Vintage DDL, Filter Pong, Tape Echo, MultiTap Delay, Modulated Delay, Reverse Delay, Ducked Delay, a

Gitarreneffekt – Delay/Echo aus der Live Serie. Multieffekt. Bauart: Digital. Bietet hervorragende Qualität. Benutzt von Musikern wie z. B. Jimmy Page, Frank Zappa, Brian May, Eddie Van Halen, Steve Vai, John Petrucci und Adrian Belew. Regler: Hot Knob. Modes: 100 Presets. Bypass Modus: True Bypass. 11 Regler: Mix, Dly Mix, Dly Time A, Dly Time B, Fdbk A, Fdbk B, Tempo, Xnob, Depth, Speed, Filter. 3 Fußschalter. Tap Tempo. MIDI-Clock Synchronizer. Delay/Echotypen: Digital Delay, Vintage Delay, Tape Echo, Mod Delay, Ducked Delay, Band Delay, Filter Pong, MultiTap, Reverse, Looper Stromversorgung: 9 V DC, center positive. Stromverbrauch: 500 mA. Stereo In. Stereo Out. AUX Switch In. Expression Pedal In. MIDI-In und -Thru/-Out. USB Interface. Robustes Gehäuse. Produktabmessungen: 122 x 190 x 54 mm. Gewicht: 1 kg.
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