FLEXON E 1075 Eyeglasses (412) Navy Gunmetal

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FLEXON E 1075 Eyeglasses (412) Navy Gunmetal

Flexon E1075 Eyeglasses in Brown

Flexon E1075 Eyeglasses - Provide exceptional comfort and style at a reasonable price. Flexon E1075 Eyeglasses are available online at FramesDirect.com.

FLEXON E 1075 Eyeglasses (412) Navy Gunmetal

FLEXON E1075 eyeglasses are designed for men feature straight temples. The FLEXON E1075 eyeglasses are manufactured in China.

With a defined top frame piece, the Flexon E1075 gives a little something extra in the style department. Several styles offer tasteful contrasting colors for added visual interest and a stronger brow line. The Flexon E1075 features full rim wire frames, subtle metallic tones, and a memory metal bridge.

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