Resveratrol Anti-Oxidant Serum 1 oz by Life Extension

Cosmesis Resveratrol Anti-Oxidant Serum, 1 fl oz from
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Resveratrol Anti-Oxidant Serum 1 oz by Life Extension

Cosmesis Resveratrol Anti-Oxidant Serum, 1 fl oz

This topical resveratrol serum provides the antioxidant-fueled protection you need to help keep skin looking smooth and young.. Resveratrol Anti-Oxidant Serum, 1 fl oz

Resveratrol Anti-Oxidant Serum 1 oz by Life Extension

Dermatologist FormulatedNeutralizes Free Radicals

In recent years, scientists have focused intensely on the benefits of resveratrol supplements in supporting a healthy life span. Now dermatologists have uncovered the singular power of topical resveratrol to combat the appearance of wrinkles, fine lines and other unsightly effects of skin ageing. Plants evolved resveratrol to defend against stress and against the damaging effects of daylong exposure to the sun’s ultraviolet rays. The interaction of oxygen and sunlight generates an enormous volume of free radicals, gradually dehydrating and destroying the surface of a plant’s skin. It turns out that human skin is also highly receptive to resveratrol’s quenching action, especially the epidermis (the outer layer), where the visible effects of ageing are most apparent. Resveratrol effectively neutralises intense free radical activity.

Scientific analysis has shown that topical resveratrol quenches lipid peroxidation at 95% efficiency, compared to 65% for vitamin E and 37% for vitamin C. Resveratrol is one of about 8,000 plant-based compounds known as polyphenols. To complement the beneficial effects of resveratrol on ageing skin, a selection of high-potency black, green and white tea polyphenols has been included in this formula to help preserve youthful skin tone and lustre through their antioxidant activity. Also included is the Aspalathus linearis herb, found only in a mountainous region of South Africa. This herb is one of the only sources of aspalathin, another potent antioxidant polyphenol, the distinct molecular structure of which complements the free radical-neutralising action of resveratrol and tea polyphenols.

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