Morley ABY Pro Selector Switch Pedal Standard

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Morley ABY Pro Selector Switch Pedal Standard

Manufacturer: Morley

Morley ABY Pro Selector Pedal

Are ABY boxes giving you a headache? Morley's ABY Pro Selector is just what the doctor ordered! Based off the original Morley ABY Switcher our Pro version is equipped with features that will help solve issues commonly faced when using switching devices for multiple amps.

Morley ABY Pro Selector Switch Pedal Standard

The Morley ABY Pro Selector pedal allows you to route one instrument to two output sources. Select between either output sources or use both at same time. It features isolated channels, so there's no crosstalk or bleed-through. And the ABY Pro uses Ebtech custom isolation transformers to prevent ground loops.

The silent switching eliminates âpopsâ when switching, and the Polarity Reverse and Ground Lift switches provide quiet operation. It also offers LED indication, cold-rolled steel housing, powers from 9V battery or adapter.

Morley ABY PRO Selector

A/B/Y switcher with custom transformer, silent switching, reverse polarity and Ground Lift. The device is used to route one signal to two outputs, between which it can be selected or combined with each other. The switcher is equipped with a durable metal construction, two foot switches and LEDs indicating signal activity.

Made in: China

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