Gold Disco Ball Tuxedo Costume For Adult

Gold Disco Ball Tuxedo Men's Costume from
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Gold Disco Ball Tuxedo Costume For Adult

Gold Disco Ball Tuxedo Men's Costume

Do you want to shine? Of course, you do! Everyone does. A regular suit just doesn't cut it. Where is that sparkle? That pizzaz! That razzle dazzle! Roll into that meeting and get ready to turn heads. Your business model is sure to have those high power executives fighting each other to invest. They've just been waiting to wake up from their PowerPoint haze.

Okay, we might be over exaggerating but you're certainly ready to win that party, whatever you're up to. Too many guys roll into a party wearing a boring black suit, however well tailored it might be. Pinstripes just don't give you a chance to stand out. This Gold Disco Ball Tuxedo Costume on the other hand, is exactly the ticket you need. It's the kind of shine that gets you noticed the moment you walk in the door. It's the kind of shine that requires sunglasses just for people to catch a glimpse of you. It's the kind of shine that they never forget!

Gold Disco Ball Tuxedo Costume For Adult

Golden Age of Style

You know what we say: why dance under a disco ball when you can become a disco ball, yourself?

Did you know we say that? It's sort of our "thing." We love disco balls—our entire office is covered in them. We have an office turtle named Disco Ball. Our company softball team is the Disco Ball Club. And we frequently hit the lights off on Friday afternoon, turn on the spotlights, and have spontaneous disco dance parties.

And hey, you seem like our kind of guy—fun-loving, smooth, and a fan of the 70s! That's why we think—no, we know—that this Gold Disco Ball Men's Tuxedo Costume will speak to you, fellow lover of all things shiny and fun! It's a wild look, no doubt, but your golden gleam will earn you an entrance at the party, along with the moniker, "Disco King," or "Golden Dude," or...something better than what we can come up with.

Fun Details

This funky suit is crafted from metallic knit and satin, and looks totally shiny-chic! The golden jacket has a single front button and looks swanky over the matching pants with satin side stripes. It also has a shawl collar for that extra stylish detail. The shirt, tie, and glasses are sold separately, but we trust a hip gent like you to style your look to perfection. Hey, we've been meaning to ask you, would you like to join our competitive dance team, the Disco Divas?

Shine On

Now that you know what kind of dazzling style it out there, don't be caught out on the town in a dull look. Most importantly, don't let other fellas outshine you on the dance floor—sharpen up your dance moves, slip into this swaggy suit, and we'll be waiting for you under the disco ball, buddy!
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