Drum Workshop 5002AD4 Double Delta 4 Accelerator

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Drum Workshop 5002AD4 Double Delta 4 Accelerator

Manufacturer: DW Drum Workshop

Drum Workshop 5002AD4 Double Delta 4 Accelerator

An industry standard gets even better. The Drum Workshop 5002AD4 Double Delta 4 Accelerator Pedal, doubles up the control and beats you can create with the DW drive system. DW has reengineered the pedal that established their reputation for innovation and quality. Because innovation is part of DW's DNA they thought it was time for some major improvements. Most notably, the toe clamp.

Manufacturer: DW

DW 5000 Series Double Pedal Standard

It has long been the standard kick pedal for the rock drummer and DW pushes the bar to new heights with this 5000 Series Double Pedal. Featuring a host of refinements and upgrades, the legendary 5000 line features a choice of drive systems, aluminum hex shafts, pedal plates and linkages, dual side adjusting hoop clamp, 101 two-way beater, and built in spurs. These pedals can be customized to fit the needs of any player.

Additionally, the Accelerator (AD3) drive system offers an eccentric motion that creates an indirect relationship between the sprocket and the footboard, increasing the velocity of the pedal by shortening the length of the stroke. It is recommended for situations that require increased speed and sensitivity. A single cast post on the remote pedal will make movement between the hi-hat and remote double pedal more fluid. Additionally, the Turbo (TD3) concentric drive system maintains a direct relationship between the sprocket and the footboard to provide a solid, powerful, consistent feel and response.

Supported by a footboard that's a dream for heel-down technique players, this pedal will accommodate the heaviest hitter or satisfy the progressive percussionist.

Note that DW products are not available for further discounting online. For additional information, please call 866-226-2918.
Delta Ball-Bearing Hinge
Bearing Spring Rocker Assembly
Single Post Casting (on remote pedal)
Dual Adjustable Toe Clamp (incl. clip with footboard-mounted Drum Key)
Universal Assembly (with memory lock)

DW Accelerator 5002AD4 Pedal

Dies ist eine automatische Übersetzung durch eine Software: Serie 5000 Doppelpedal. Ausstattung: Kugellager Delta Scharnier - Doppelkugellager Federung - Memory Funktion für Schlägereinstellung - Single Post Slave Pedal - Präzisionsgestänge Montage - Hoop Klemme an der Seite - Bodenplatte mit Anti-Rutsch-Gummi - Zwei-Wege-Schläger Filz / Kunststoff - Turbo Kettenrad Doppelkettenantrieb - Tri-Pivot-Zeh Klemme für die Befestigung an der Bassdrum

Antrieb: Kette

Hergestellt in: Taiwan
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