Aquatica Karolina 2 Graphite Black Solid Surface Bathtub

Aquatica Karolina 2 Graphite Black Solid Surface Bathtub from Modern Bathroom
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Aquatica Karolina 2 Graphite Black Solid Surface Bathtub

Aquatica Karolina 2 Graphite Black Solid Surface Bathtub

The striking, black matte finish of the Karolina 2 NeroX Black Freestanding Bathtub is beautifully enhanced by its solid, freestanding construction. A special oven-baked painting technique ensures that the color is consistent throughout the tub's thickness and thus will not fade or lose its brilliance over time. The unique design of this tub is reminiscent of a beautiful, antique Greek vase. Its imposing, high-end design boasts a usefully wide, sturdy rim and a solid matte surface of NeroX Matte material, which creates excellent heat retention. The Karolina is one of Aquatica's largest designs and is ideal for one or two bathers. Not only is it extra deep to provide for a full-body soak, but its ergonomic shape forms to perfectly fit the body and provide ultimate comfort.Aquatica's bathtubs offer modern glamour at affordable prices. The Aquatica line is diverse enough to encompass both bathtubs with classical elegance that match the style of your bath and bathtub models that are distinctive and unique as the centerpiece of your remodel.FeaturesMade in EuropeStriking upscale modern designFreestanding constructionSolid, one-piece construction for safety and durabilityErgonomic design forms to the body's shape for ultimate comfortQuick and easy installationConstructed of solid NeroX MatteAquatex Matte material provides for excellent heat retention and durabilityHypoallergenic white surface25 Year Limited WarrantyColor is consistent throughout in thickness - not painted onColor will not fade or lose its brilliance over timeConcealed overflow fitting allows for comfortable reclining surfaces at both endsDesigned for one or two person bathingNon-porous surface for easy cleaning and sanitizingChrome-plated drainCode compliant with American standard 1.5" waste outletsSpecificationsOverall Dimensions: 70.75 in. L x 37.5 in. W x 26.75 in. HDepth to Overflow Drain: 18 in.Interior Depth: 20.75 in.Interior Length (Top): 63 in.Interior Width (Top): 29.5 in.Interior Length (Bottom): 41.25 in.Interior Width (Bottom): 20.50 in.Weight: 365 lbs.Water Capacity: 68 GallonsDrain Placement: CenterSpec SheetNote: This model usually ships in 10-12 weeks. Please allow an additional 2-3 business days for order transmittal and verification.

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