Cybex Mios Stroller - Rebellious Fashion Edition

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Cybex Mios Stroller - Rebellious Fashion Edition

Cybex Platinum Mios 婴儿车车架

Cybex Platinum Mios 婴儿车车架 Cybex MIOS婴儿车以其优雅的外观融入到喧闹的城市街道。 轻巧,苗条和精致的功能带来最大的舒适度,使其成为具有多种效果的小奇迹。 静态的车架能真正的给眼睛带来享受。 它代表最大的稳定性和最小的重量。 特别是在城市喧嚣中,它的特点是其特殊的敏捷性。 由于宽度仅为50厘米的小轴距和可旋转的前轮,轻巧优雅,轻松掌握每条曲线的飞行色彩。 全轮悬架使每次的使用都能获得无忧无虑的体验。 MIOS是一个完全协调的系统,满足准爸妈个人需求。 使用配套的手提式婴儿睡篮或Cybex / gb婴儿提篮(不在发货范围内!),从孩子出生的第一天就可以成为忠实的伴侣。 发货范围已包含相应的适配器和匹配的防雨罩。 如果您的孩子可以坐立的时候,可旋转的座椅部位也是一大亮点。 无论是在正向还是反向,孩子都会感觉十分舒适。 记忆按钮使切换变得简单,使您可以更轻松地装卸座椅部分。 5点式安全带和可拆卸前置安全护栏可保护您的孩子免受摔倒。 单手就可以将椅背调整到四种不同的位置,让您的孩子保持平坦,符合人体工程学的倾斜位置。 同时,腿部支撑可以有三种位置调节。 凭借其单手折叠机制,Cybex Platinum系列MIOS可成为一款小巧紧凑的外形,在折叠状态下可站立。 可设计您个性化的MIOS。 将您的希望的框架与各种座椅套件结合在一起。 您可以决定MIOS的外观。 提示:发货范围内包含MIOS 车架及配件。座椅部分套装需要单独购买。 产品细节: * 车架有不同颜色可以选购 * 搭配座椅部分适用于大约6个月大的孩子 * 搭配婴儿睡篮,Lite Cot或者Cybex/gb婴儿提篮(不在发货范围内!),刚出生的婴儿就可以使用 * 发货范围:车架及配件,雨罩,适用于Cybex/gb品牌所有婴儿提篮的适配器 * 椅背有4种倾斜度,腿部支撑有3种角度,5点式安全带,前置防护栏 * 推杆高度可调节 * 座椅方向可以旋转,„记忆按钮“ * 单手折叠机制,可站立 * 可转向前轮,四轮悬架,轴距仅50cm * 折叠尺寸:长 75 x 宽 50 x 高 33 cm * 重量:9.9kg

Cybex Mios Stroller - Rebellious Fashion Edition

The new Cybex Rebellious Fashion Collection is a stylish and luxurious design statement that is full of spirit. Inspired by the fashionable non-conformists of our time, Cybex interprets the latest trends with expertise, culture and a clear message. Vivid colours, clever patches, top quality and fresh, chic style make the Rebellious line a cutting-edge fashion statement for bold, active parents celebrating life with their children. What's Included: · Mios 2019 Frame · Rebellious Seat Cover · Mios 2019 Wheels · XXL Sun Canopy · Comfort Inlay · Head Cushion · Rain Cover · Car Seat Adapters · Shopping Basket. The Cybex Mios is suitable from birth up to 17kg or approx. 4 years. Its lightweight frame makes the Mios seem as light as a feather. Its retro-modern design language is complemented by fine, breathable mesh to ensure a balanced climate. In addition, the revolutionary 4-in-1 Mios travel system allows the use of different attachments on a single frame. With the comfortable Rebellious Carrycot (sold separately), the Mios is transformed into a luxurious cocoon on wheels. Paired with the award-winning Cybex infant car seats, it becomes an agile mobile support. Later, the Mios frame serves somewhat older children as a safe, comfortable travel companion whose sitting direction can be individually adjusted. Weighing just under 9kg and measuring a mere 50 cm in width, the Mios is the perfect companion for parents out and about in the city. Its compact design is rounded off with smart functionality and maximum comfort. The innovative one-hand folding mechanism transforms the Mios into a compact, self-standing package in seconds, using only one hand. The Mios Seat Pack has a range of features that will make the comfiest seat for your little one. Depending on your child's age you can have the seat facing you or the world, with memory buttons this makes the seat unit incredibly easy to use. There are four comfy recline positions to choose from including completely lie-flat, using only one hand and for use from birth. With an incredibly soft head cushion and padded harness your child will ride in complete comfort. The Mios features a mesh seat fabric making the pushchair lightweight to push and breathable for your child. The seat unit also features a comfort inlay which is ideal for both warm and cold days. The leg rest individually adjusts to three positions so there is always an ideal sitting position for your child. Seat pack and Mios frame included. 4-in-1 images for illustrative purposes only. Carry Cot and car seat sold separately. Rebellious Collection: Courage, engagement, optimism and confidence are the qualities that distinguish modern, confident women and trendsetters. Inspired by fashionable non-conformists of our time, Cybex interprets the latest trends with a clear message of vivid colours, clever patches, top quality and fresh chic style. The Cybex “Rebellious” range a cutting-edge fashion statement for bold, active women celebrating life with their children. It features edgy motifs and red dogtooth print as part of the canopy and harness straps.

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