Reloop ELITE 2-Channel DVS Battle Mixer for Serato DJ Pro Standard

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Reloop ELITE 2-Channel DVS Battle Mixer for Serato DJ Pro Standard

Reloop Elite DJ Mixer

Reloop ELITE is a professional DVS mixer for Serato DJ Pro, developed in close cooperation with international turntable artists. Due to the combination of a performance-oriented layout and powerful features, ELITE allows you to fully realise your DJ potential. The full version of Serato DJ Pro, including the DVS Expansion Pack, is provided plug 'n' play.

Reloop ELITE 2-Channel DVS Battle Mixer for Serato DJ Pro Standard

The Reloop ELITE 2-channel battle mixer is designed for use with Serato DJ Pro. It’s optimized for digital vinyl (DVS) integration and is built tough for professional DJs. Packed full of high-tech features, the Reloop ELITE DVS mixer lets you unleash your creativity. It includes the full version of Serato DJ Pro and DVS expansion pack for plug-and-play simplicity. Two Serato timecode control vinyl records are also included. Dual USB ports let two DJs perform simultaneously, so transitions are seamless.

With 16 large RGB performance pads, a full range of effects and 3-band EQ on each channel, the Reloop ELITE mixer lets professional DJs unleash their creativity. But what sets the ELITE battle mixer apart is the level of control the RGB pads deliver. Users can set individual adjustments by using the parameter buttons and four mode selector buttons over three layers. That translates into 12 performance modes per deck. With independent control of pad modes on each deck, DJs will have unlimited creative possibilities while mixing.

Every professional DJ knows the best battle mixers have great crossfaders. In order to withstand repeated cuts and other turntablism techniques, a crossfader needs to be both smooth and robust. That’s why the ELITE 2-channel Serato DJ Pro mixer comes equipped with three Mini Innofader Pro faders. Each features innovative non-contact technology for silky action and precise cuts. All fader curves can be individually adjusted and offer an additional reverse function (hamster switch). Additionally, the cut-in and cut-out points can be adjusted digitally via the setup menu.

Three assignable effect slots with separate activation buttons on each side comprise the ELITE’S FX section. Effects can be activated in either trigger mode, by holding the button, or traditional toggle on/off. With the new high-resolution mini-faders you can influence the effects' intensity. At the same time these can be used for ultra-fast effect fades as the fader movement range is especially short.

In addition to the Serato effects, ELITE is equipped with stand-alone Tweak FX. Using the color-coded mode button with RGB feedback, you can switch between Filter, Crush, Flanger, White Noise and a user-defined mode. Depending on the controller's position, each effect has a different characteristic and can be modulated creatively. The handy knobs have a pleasant resistance and are especially suitable for filter and effect tweaks.

The two OLED displays show real-time information regarding effects, BPM, beat parameters and setup menu. Each deck has a separate loop section which can be controlled intuitively, thanks to the push encoder which also disposes of a manual loop function.

External devices, such as MIDI controllers, storage media or smartphones can be connected and loaded via the two smart link USB ports. When connecting RP-8000 MK2 turntables, these will automatically recognize the corresponding deck (1 or 2).

Ovaj tekst je automatski prijevod sa softvera:Profesionalni DVS mikser za Serato DJ Pro, razvijen u uskoj suradnji s međunarodnim umjetnicima gramofona. Zahvaljujući kombinaciji izgleda izvedbe i moćnih značajki, ELITE vam omogućuje da u potpunosti ostvarite svoj DJ potencijal. Puna verzija Serato DJ Pro, uključujući DVS paket za proširenje, osigurava plug-in 'play'. Osim toga, ELITE dolazi s dva Serato kontrolna zapisa s NoiseMap tehnologijom.


Zemlja podrijetla: Kina

Izlazi: XLR

Adapter uključen: Da

Napajanje: 240V

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