Chloé Perfumes femeninos Nomade Eau de Toilette Spray 50 ml

Chloé Nomade 50 ml eau de toilette για γυναίκες from
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Chloé Perfumes femeninos Nomade Eau de Toilette Spray 50 ml

237868 1.7 oz Womens Nomade Eau De Toilette Spray

1.7 oz Womens Nomade Eau De Toilette Spray

If there is anything that a woman adores besides jewellery that has to be cosmetics. Make up gives a lot of confidence as it does wonders to your look by giving you the best touch. Browse our wide range of products and choose from an unending range of Cosmetics.

  • A chypre floral fragrance for modern women
  • Fresh, sweet, smooth, earthy, warm & voluptuous
  • Top notes of Mirabelle plum, bergamot, lemon & orange
  • Heart notes of freesia, jasmine, peach & rose
  • Base notes of oak moss, amber wood, sandalwood & white musk
  • Launched in 2018
  • Recommended for spring or summer wear
  • Capacity: 1.7 oz
  • Fragrance: Chypre Floral
  • Gender: Womens

Chloé 'Nomade' Eau de Toilette - 50ml

'Nomade' Eau de Toilette embodies freedom-loving women. A joyful and open-minded face-to-face encounter, conveyed by the captivating eyes of this woman who personifies the intensity of the moment. A strong, nomadic identity, like the Chloe woman - modern, sunny and natural with timeless elegance. 'Nomade' Eau de Toilette is a sunny interpretation of the Eau de Parfum. A fragrance based on natural ingredients highlighted by the perfumer Quentin Bisch. The vibrant, enchanting sweetness of Litchi is unveiled in the top notes - the essence of radiant femininity. Freesia features multiple nuances combined with a delicate, enveloping floral facet. The character of oak moss enhances the notes of this bright fragrance. The gentle curves of the Eau de Toilette bottle were inspired by a journey which began with 'Nomade' Eau de Parfum. Transparency effects let a sparkling pinkish light filter through. A pale pink cord encircles the light-reflecting cap. Size: 50ml

Chloé Perfumes femeninos Nomade Eau de Toilette Spray 50 ml

Chloé Nomade Eau de Toilette encarna a las mujeres amantes de la libertad, un encuentro personal alegre y abierto. Para mujeres con una fuerte identidad, modernas y, por supuesto, con una elegancia atemporal. El Eau de Toilette es una interpretación radiante del perfumista Quentin Bisch, del Eau de Parfum. La fragancia se abre con la flexibilidad dinámicamente fascinante del Lychee, la esencia de la feminidad radiante. La Freesia crea matices de múltiples capas y un carácter floral delicadamente envolvente, mientras que el rico musgo de roble subraya las tonalidades de esta fragancia radiante.

Chloé Nomade 50 ml eau de toilette για γυναίκες

Best products on Chloé Nomade Eau de Toilette για γυναίκες 50 ml Το άρωμα Chloé Nomade (Edt) από το 2019 είναι μια χρονιά νεότερη και πιο ηλιόλουστη έκδοση του αρώματος με το ίδιο όνομα. Θα προσελκύσει παθιασμένους ταξιδιώτες, μοντέρνους ψηφιακούς νομάδες και γυναίκες που εκτιμούν την ελ...

Chloé Nomade 50 ml toaletná voda pre ženy

Chloé Nomade Toaletná voda pre ženy 50 ml
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