Bon Bon Perfume by Viktor & Rolf 3.04 oz EDP Spray for Women

维果罗夫 (维特&罗夫) 糖果香水喷雾 90ml/3.04oz from
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Bon Bon Perfume by Viktor & Rolf 3.04 oz EDP Spray for Women

Bonbon by Viktor & Rolf, 3 oz EDP Spray for Women

Viktor & Rolf launched a new women's fragrance called Bonbon in the spring of 2014. This fragrance named after the candy aims at women who celebrate the pleasure and self-indulgence, as well as moments of relaxation and enjoyment. The key note is caramel, surrounded by aromas of mandarin, orange and peach at the top; flowers of orange blossom and jasmine in the heart; and cedar, guaiac wood, sandalwood and amber in the base.

Bon Bon Perfume by Viktor & Rolf 3.04 oz EDP Spray for Women

Bon Bon Perfume by Viktor & Rolf 3.04 oz Eau De Parfum Spray for Women. Just as sweet as the confection it is named after, the bon bon fragrance by viktor & rolf is a perfect choice for expressing your flamboyant and adventurous side. Wear this 2014 creation from viktor & rolf to indulge yourself in its ethereal amber, caramel, orange blossom, jasmine and mandarin orange note blend during the day, afternoon and evening. This fragrance pairs equally well with office attire, weekend shopping outfits, evening formal wear and late-night avant-garde designer pieces. Bon bon is made with exciting, theatrical, energetic women in mind . You aren't a wallflower, so why should your fragrance be one?

Manufacturer: 维果罗夫 (维特&罗夫)

维果罗夫 (维特&罗夫) 糖果香水喷雾 90ml/3.04oz

香调:果香 前调:焦糖、水蜜桃、柑橘和橘子 中调:橙花、茉莉 后调:雪松、愈创木、檀香和琥珀 推荐人群&场合:秋冬季节使用 推荐理由:甜美温暖的香气,让人想到糖果的美好,带给人一天好心情。 推出年份:2014

Viktor & Rolf Bonbon eau de parfum hölgyeknek 90 ml

Viktor & Rolf Bonbon, 90 ml, Eau de Parfum nőknek, A vidám Viktor & Rolf Bonbon Bonbon parfüm az optimizmus és a tökéletes boldogság megtestesítője. Burkolja magát be Ön is ebbe az illatba, és a hangulata egész nap remek lesz!édesen gyümölcsös illatérzéki nőnekegész napos viseletre
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