J'adore L'absolu by Christian Dior, 2.5 oz EDP Absolue Spray for Women

Dior J'Adore Absolu 2.5oz. Eau De Parfum from ThePerfumeSpot.com
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J'adore L'absolu by Christian Dior, 2.5 oz EDP Absolue Spray for Women

J'adore L'absolu by Christian Dior, 2.5 oz EDP Absolue Spray for Women

The luxurious and elegant new edition offers a brand new story on ingredients which selected carefully for the new creation. Near Grasse flowers were picked - May rose and grandiflorum jasmine while in Mandurai (India) delicate jasmine petals and intoxicating Indian tuberose were picked. Launched in 2012.

Jadore L'absolu Perfume by Christian Dior 75 ml EDP Spay for Women

Jadore L'absolu Perfume by Christian Dior 75 ml Eau De Parfum Spray for Women. Jadore l'absolu perfume by christian dior, this is a new take on one of christian dior's most adored perfumes for women. It is a floral/fruity fragrance for women composed by perfumer françois demachy. Top notes are ylang-ylang; middle notes are tuberose, jasmine and rose; base notes are fruity notes, musk and woodsy notes. all products are original, authentic name brands. We do not sell knockoffs or imitations.

Dior J'Adore Absolu 2.5oz. Eau De Parfum

Dior J'adore Absolu is the new floral nectar by the House of Dior. In an incredibly lush composition, Francois Demachy blends voluptuous and sensual floral absolutes. Absolutes of grasse jasmine, sambac jasmine, rose and magnolia intertwine with unprecedented freshness; the flowers take on the sweetness of a delicious syrup, a sublime, natural and seductive nectar. J'adore Absolu is built around grasse jasmine, a capricious beauty that requires patience, harvested at the precise moment when, drenched in sunlight, it releases its most sensual accents. Size: 2.5 oz. In the morning, jasmine has livelier, almost blackcurrant accents. When picked, it gives itself over completely and delivers its animal-like power. In the cooler, humid air of evening, when it reopens, it unleashes extraordinary sensations. When the harvest is over, jasmine can let go and become fuller and even more voluptuous. It diffuses its fruity, apricot accents. I wanted to embody all the beauty of these many facets.- Francois Demachy, Dior Perfumer-Creator.The J'adore Absolu amphora is adorned with a new supple, almost fluid necklace, like a delicate jewel dancing around a woman's neck, following her every movement. HOW TO USE:For a sensorial ritual and absolute pleasure, apply J'adore Beautifying Body Creme and then spray J'adore Absolu on pulse points.

크리스챤 디올쟈도르 압솔뤼 오 드 퍼퓸 스프레이 75ml/2.5oz

여성을 위한 럭셔리 플로럴 계열 싱그러운 꽃과 햇살을 담은 감성 자스민, 목련의 향으로 시작됩니다 오렌지 꽃, 장미의 달콤한 향이 감싸줍니다 시럽, 꿀같은 향기를 발산합니다 2018년 출시 데일리 룩, 격식있는 자리에 잘 어울립니다

Dior J'adore Absolu Eau de Parfum hölgyeknek 75 ml

Dior J'adore Absolu, 75 ml, Eau de Parfum nőknek
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