Callaway PM Grind 19 Chrome Wedge gauchier 60-12

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Callaway PM Grind 19 Chrome Wedge gauchier 60-12

Callaway PM Grind Chrome Wedge

Callaway PM Grind Chrome Wedge A Total Redesign by Two Legends Even by Callaway’s high standards, the PM Grind 2019 wedge is a very special golf club. Its pedigree alone is remarkable, as it was co-created by Phil Mickelson, arguably the greatest wedge player in history, and Roger Cleveland, arguably the greatest wedge designer in history. The original PM Grind started as a one-off prototype built expressly for Phil back in 2014. It was characterized by a uniquely shaped head with an exceptionally high toe and expansive face area, including grooves spanning the entire face, both from side-to-side and up-and-down; all to help Phil hit his famous “Phlop” shots. Phil’s satisfaction with the prototype led Callaway to introduce it to the public, in 2015. That resulted in a new, high-performance wedge category, with a unique combination of shape, technology and performance: the PM Grind. This year Phil began working with Roger on improvements to the PM Grind that make it easier to hit three essential shots Phil thinks every golfer needs: The Knockdown, The Hit & Check, and The "Phlop". The result is PM Grind 2019, a truly astonishing achievement in wedge design. Offset Groove-in-Groove Tehnology for High Spin Lob & Pitch Shots : Positioning the micro-grooves on a 20º angle in relation to the standard grooves promotes added spin on chips, pitches and lobs Increased Offset & Higher Toe for Crisp, Flag-finding Knockdown Shots : Increased offset and higher center of gravity from the higher toe together help players control trajectory on full and partial shots C-Grind Sole Configuration for Crisp Contact from a Broad Range of Lies : Generous relief at the heel and toe promote crisp, clean contact from a variety of greenside lies Premium Components and Finishes : KBS Hi-Rev 2.0 steel wedge shaft, Lamkin UTX grip and choice of Platinum Chrome or Tour Grey finish

Callaway PM Grind 19 Chrome Wedge gauchier 60-12

Angle de rebond (Bounce): 12°

Manualité: Main gauche

Flex: Wedge Flex

Sexe: Unisex

Grind: C

Loft: 60°

Saison: 2019

Fabriquée au: Chine

Méthode de production: Cast

Loft: 60°

Tranche d'âge: Adulte

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