Grand Heritage Elvis Costume for Men

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Grand Heritage Elvis Costume for Men

Grand Heritage Elvis Costume for Men

A Big Hunk 'O Love

It's sad really. These days no singers really stick-out. So many bands are just boys in jeans with hats worn askew and gelled hair. Sure, some of the girl singers can belt it out, but it still feels like they're missing that special something, you know? What we want is a good old-fashioned star. A singer of epic proportions with a unique style, guitar skills, and a penchant for jumpsuits!... Yeah, okay. You caught us. We really just want Elvis Presley back.

Can you blame us? That sleek black hair! The stylish bling! Those rubber legs! That man sounded amazing and looked amazing too. There's a reason they called him the King. We've toured the Graceland Mansion a few times now and we're convinced that the world has an Elvis-sized hole that needs filling. And since we've no way of making him come back (trust us, we've looked into it), there's really only one solution. That's right. We must all become Elvises.

Fun Details

We figure that if as many of us as possible try to become like Mr. Presley, we'll have him back in some small way. Granted, some of us aren't that great at singing. Or dancing. Don't bother asking us about guitar skills. But hey, at least we can at least look the part! It's easy with this Grand Heritage Elvis Costume. This sleek white jumpsuit is bedazzled, reminiscent of the King's own style. It's a polyester spandex mix, with an open chest and front zipper. It's even got a flashy red scarf for your neck and red inserts at the ankles. The white belt has gold eagles and chains, and there's even a belt extender. Put this baby on, and you'll be ready to rock and roll for sure!

Bringin' it Back

There you have it. A sure-fire plan to flood the world with Elvis-spirit! Everyone just has to find their inner-Elvis and let it shine through like a spangled shirt on a well-lit stage. Long live the King of Rock and Roll!

Manufacturer: Rubies Costumes

Elvis Grand Heritage Adult Costume

Look and feel like The King himself in this costume featuring Elvis' infamous white suit. You'll be dressed to rock and roll!The legendary Elvis lives! In this Elvis Grand Heritage Adult Costume no one will dare step on your blue suede shoes this Halloween. The costume features Elvis' famous white ensemble which he wore during his 1973 Aloha From Hawaii concert. Your friends will be all shook up when they see you dressed as one of America's musical legends. To complete the impression simply work on your best sneer and hip gyrations. With this costume people will definitely be talking after Elvis has left the building.The white suit's details include a beaded eagle embroidered on the front and stars embroidered on the sleeves. The costume also includes a belt with four eagles on its buckle and gold pocket chains hanging from the belt. This outfit also features a red scarf and matching red flared pant leg inserts to ensure maximum hunka hunka burning love. Includes: Jumpsuit Belt Scarf. Does not include shoes wig or sunglasses. This is an officially licensed Elvis Presley costume.
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